Spring Release Valentine 2023 Jellycat Collection

The Spring 2023 Jellycat Valentine Release

The Valentine Jellycats have arrived at Cool! Cards and Gifts this week and they are soooo adorable!

Looking for a cute valentine’s gift to show your love to that special person in your life or just want to take a peek the latest Jellycat release look no further. These desirable soft toys are just the right amount of whimsical and cuddly to enchant and beguile. Which one will you choose?


Crowning Croaker Pink Frog and Crowning Croaker Green Frogs

Crown your king or queen with these cute Jellycat frogs.

Crowning Croaker Frogs 

Buy Now Crowning Croaker Pink Frog
Buy Now Crowning Croaker Green Frog


Love-Me Lobster

Declare “you're my Lobster” emphatically as you give your Valentine this endearing Jellycat lobster.

Jellycat 2023 Spring Valentine Release Love-Me-Lobster

Buy Now Valentine 2023 release Love Me Lobster


Blossom Heart Bunny

Looking for a more traditional valentine soft toy? These soft bunnies come in blush or tulip and is sure to melt any heart.

Valentine 2023 release Blossom Heart Bunny

Buy Now Valentine 2023 Blossom Heart Blush Bunny

Buy Now Valentine 2023 Jellycat Blossom Heart Bunny

Amusable Hearts 

Choose the from the hot pink or red. Who are you going to give your heart to  this Valentines Day!

Valentine 2023 Release Amusable Hearts

Valentine Release 2023 Red Amusable Heart

Valentine 2023 release Jellycat Hot Pink Amusable Heart

Amusable Heart Bag

With this cute bag you will have a Valentines gift that is not only charming but useful too.

Valentine 2023 release Amusable Heart Bag

Buy Now Valentine 2023 Amusable Heart Bag

A Pair of Lovely Love Birds

These Jellycat birds would make an ideal Valentines gift for long distance lovers. Give one to your valentine and keep the other for yourself.  

Valentine 2023 release A lovely pair of lovebirds

Buy Now Valentine 2023 release A lovely pair of lovebirds


If you want to see these Valentines Jellycats up close then you can watch our unboxing video where we show them all in more detail.

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