Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Christmas is creeping closer here are some gift ideas for the office secret santa!

£10 or less

Eco Chic Sling Bag £7.99
Eco Chic Lunch Bag £5.99
Eco Chic Bamboo Coffee Cup £9.99
Mugs £7.00
Angel Tealight Holder £8.00
Skipton Calendar £9.99
Botanical Calendar £10.00
Headbands £7.00
Swim Wild and Ride Notebooks £5.50
Sheep and Fox Oven Mitt £8.50
Christmas Scent Bags £10.00
Cycling Mishaps Game £10.00
Caravan Money Box £6.99
Butterfly Jewellery Box £5.99
Stitched Bird Sandwich Tray £9.99

£5 or less

Sheep Keyring £4.99
Sheep Soft Toy £4.99
Penguin in Sweaters moneybox tin £5.00
Sheep in Sweaters moneybox tin £5.00
Stitched Birdies round tin £5.00
Stitched Birdies rectangular tin £3.50
Shawn the Sheep solar pal £3.99
Gamer solar pal £3.99
Coasters £3.50
Recipes books £2.99
Rose Made a Thing notebooks £3.99
Game Over emergency kit £4.00

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