Easter Jellycat release 2023

Easter Jellycat releases 2023!

Easter is just around the corner and we think the Jellycat Easter soft toys make an eggcellent alternative to chocolate  Easter eggs (and who doesn’t need an excuse to add another one to their collection!).

Jellycat Eggs

Jellycat easter eggs

The Eggsquisite Green Egg is new this season and certainly seems to be a hit. Amuseable Boiled Eggs - Happy, Laughing or Deviled how do you take yours!

 Buy jellycat amusable happy boiled egg

Jellycat amusable Laughing boiled egg buy amusable devilled boiled egg

Jellycat Ducks and Chicks

Jellycat ducks and chicks

How quacking cute are these! Which will you chose? The new Dory Duck, the Tumbletuft Duck or the Yummy Ducking or why not chose 3 in one with the Nesting Chickies!

Buy Jellycat Dory Duck Buy Jellycat Tumbletuft Duck Buy Yummy Duckling Buy Jellycat Nesting Chickies

Jellycat Sheep and LambsCollection of Jellycat Sheep

Always a favourite with us we have the fluffiest collection of Jellycat sheep. Which will you add to your herd? We have the derpy brown Sherrie Sheep! The traditional Bashful Sheep, small and medium. The adorable Yummy Lamb and the little Wee Lamb.

Buy Jellycat Sherri Sheep Buy Jellycat Bashful Lamb Medium Buy Jellycat Bashful Lamb Small Buy Jellycat Yummy Lamb Buy Jellycat Wee Lamb

 Jellycat Amuseable Flowers

Jellycat Amusesable Flowers
These spring flowers will add some cheer to the dull days and the best thing is they last all year! 

Buy Jellycat Amusable Bluebell Buy Jellycat Amusable Daffodil

Jellycat Fun-guy Mushrooms

Buy Jellycat Funguy Mushrooms
The fun-Guy’s Pattie, Robbie and Ozzie are back with a new friend, Bertie.

Buy Jellycat Fun-Guy Pattie

  Buy Jellycat Fun-Guy Robbie Buy Jellycat Fun-Guy Ozzie  Buy Jellycat Fun-Guy Bertie

Garden Wildlife Jellycats

Jellycat Garden Wildlife

Spring is the time for getting out in the garden and discovering the wildlife! Have a look at the new Finnegan Frog, Layla Ladybird and Sand Snail. And the colourful Escarfgot's!

Buy Jellycat Finnegan Frog Buy Jellycat Layla Ladybird Buy Jellycat Sandy Snail  Buy Jellycat Escafgot Purple Buy Jellycat Escafgot Pink

Jellycat Bunnies

We have so many Jellycat bunnies we’ve had to do another post about them! Coming Soon

Jellycat unboxing Spring Release 2023 - Easter video

You can also get a closer look at the Easter Collection in our video.



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